I am so excited to finally share with you all the new Benvenuti Arts Membership Program!

We created this program out of the many conversations I’ve had with independent artists and small companies in the last year. For many, there is a need for assistance with planning, grant writing, budgeting, and other administrative tasks, but the cost of paying lump sums for that help is too high.

This is something I’ve been wanting to doing for a long time and now that I have a fantastic team, I’m thrilled to be rolling this out for you.

What are the Benvenuti Arts Membership Benefits?

Watch the video to hear Sarah explain in her own words what the membership is all about! 👆

All members and retainer clients will receive the following, which are all specifically focused around the interests and needs of BA clients:

  • Bi-weekly client emails with news you need to know;
  • Access to monthly chats with experts;
  • A monthly “how-to” document; and
  • Discounts on Benvenuti Arts workshops.

We have different membership levels starting at just $15/month. The goal with this is to ensure that if you need help from us on editing the grant, writing new grant, doing strategy around the upcoming year, creating a fundraising plan, creating an event plan and implementing it, or if you just need to have a few meetings with me throughout the year to talk through a million things, we’re available.

And if I’m very lucky, you will want to talk budgeting with me. (Yes, that’s included too!)

All of these items will add up to a certain amount of hours for us throughout the year, which we’re calling “project blocks”. Each membership level will provide you with a set amount of projects blocks to be used throughout the year.

But don’t worry, you get to decide which project blocks are most beneficial to you and when you need to use them. And best of all, we’ll keep track and manage it all for you so you can focus on what’s most important for your organization.

Explanation of Membership Levels and Project Blocks

Benvenuti Arts Membership Level Options

The options and membership levels for Benvenuti Arts broken up into 5 options. Option 1 starting at $15/month, Option 2 starting at $80/month, Option 3 starting at $150/month, Option 4 starting at $250/month and Retainers starting at $500/month.

Starting at the $15 level, you will basically get four hours with me throughout the year. During this time we will sit down and take our time to talk about whatever you need to tackle.

Previous meetings have covered topics such as:

  • Budgeting
  • Reviewing Grant Applications
  • Putting together a grants calendar
  • Putting together a fundraising plan for the year for an event
  • Discussing what it means to be part of an ensemble and how to work together.
  • Anything else administrative that you need help on or to get my insight on a high level

The membership levels starting at $80/month and higher will provide you with additional project blocks that can be used throughout the year. We have a menu of options to choose from and will check in with you every month to strategize upcoming events and the best way to use them.

In addition to the blocks and other membership benefits, you’ll also get access to my amazing team of grant writers, project manager and organizational gurus. We all work cohesively to ensure we’re bringing the highest level of service to you, your team and your passion.

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