Long-Form Foundation


  • Write two or three sentences specifying who you are, what amount you are requesting, and why you think you are a fit for their foundation granting program.
  • Write a robust section including your mission, vision, and history. Make sure they really know who you are and why you are awesome.
  • Write about all of the work you do here, speaking about your ongoing programs. Keep this general for now.
  • Here you get to write all about the project for which you are requesting funding. Be clear, be thorough. NOTE: If you are applying for general operating funds/season support, structure this in a way that corresponds to the section above, but is specific about THIS year's programming.
  • Speak about your organizational health overall. What are your plans for the near future? You can discuss leadership, large upcoming projects, Board development, goals, and other important things in this section. The focus really depends on YOUR organization and where you are going.
  • Wrap it up! Specify your ask amount again, and reflect back on why you are a great fit for their foundational goals.
  • $0.00

Grants Guide

For an artist focused on creation, or a small organization of overworked staff, grant writing can seem like a nuisance at best, a mysterious other language at worst. Most grants guides are thorough, but confusing and dense with information. In this short, 10 page guide, you’ll find the true basics of institutional fundraising from how to choose which grants to apply for, to how to cultivate relationships with funders, to how to write in a language that actually gets you grants. This quick read walks you through the steps without overwhelming you with unnecessary information. For the beginner just learning about grants fundraising, to the veteran who can’t understand how foundations and government funders think, this guide will help you craft a lean institutional fundraising plan that makes the most of the little time you have.

Other Fundraising Services

Letter of Interest (LOI)

This form will walk you through writing a simple, 2 page LOI that you can use as an introduction to many foundations.

Government Grants

With many specific questions and limited character counts, government grants can pose a unique challenge. Polish your storyboarding and editing skills with this form.


Proposal Feedback

Have an application written, but want professional review? For a fee based on page count, we’ll give you feedback with a 48-hour turnaround.