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Conversations with arts professionals that are of interest to small and mighty arts organizations

What are BA Conversations?

At Benvenuti Arts, we mainly work with small and very small organizations just like you! This means we’re hyper-focused on the needs of those groups who are doing amazing things with limited resources; groups with strong community connections and uncompromisable values. Our consulting services and memberships are built around a deep understanding of your work and unique challenges, and our BA Conversations are an effort to address those challenges.

Each month, we’ll be having live conversations with arts professionals about topics that are of interest to small and mighty arts organizations, and we invite you to join! At about 90 minutes each, Founder Sarah Benvenuti will lead the conversation, but we’ll be sure to save plenty of time to answer your questions, too. So watch and learn or bring your own challenges to get advice from the people who know best. 

All conversations are Free for BA members and clients, and just $15 for non-members, these conversations will be intimate, practical, and undoubtedly, a bit of fun. We hope you’ll join us!

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November 11, 2021; 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm, EST

Mastering Meeting Facilitation, with Jackie Miller of Bespoken Partners

ACCESS: If you would like to request live communication access real-time translation (CART) captioning or other accommodations for a webinar, please send your request, including the name and date of the webinar, to We ask that accommodation requests be sent at least 3 business days before an event’s start time.

You know the feeling: you spend hours or days preparing for a Board meeting, ready to lead the conversation towards your goals, only to have Board members completely derail the meeting and your strategy. Sometimes, it’s not just about the content, but about knowing how to deliver the content in order to ensure you can effectively lead. Jackie Miller will join us to talk owning your voice at work, public speaking, connecting to an audience, and how to maintain control when presenting to ensure your organization stays on track.

In 2015, Jackie Miller launched Bespoken inspired by the belief that everyone has an innate ability to communicate powerfully and purposefully. 

Bespoken’s progressive approach to professional development empowers individuals and teams with effective communication and presentation skills through engaging, interactive, industry specific training programs designed to transform communication skills for the long-term.  The driving force behind Bespoken’s methodology is imbuing professionals with tools tailored for their voice so they can make powerful verbal and physical choices on their own to connect with any audience.

Jackie’s diverse experience working with clients such as Showtime, Columbia Business School, Johnson +Johnson, and Sundance Institute show Jackie that regardless of one’s age or professional affiliation, the desire to communicate powerfully and with purpose is a universal one – and one she’s proud to help many different people achieve.  She holds a B.F.A. in Theatre and M.A. in Arts and Public Policy, both from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

December 16, 2021; 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm, EST

Avoiding Burnout, with Kit Whelan

ACCESS: If you would like to request live communication access real-time translation (CART) captioning or other accommodations for a webinar, please send your request, including the name and date of the webinar, to We ask that accommodation requests be sent at least 3 business days before an event’s start time.

As we near the end of another stressful year full of openings and closings, crazy last-minute grants, new creative opportunities and new challenges, we want to talk about the subject we know is on all of our minds: burnout. We have all experienced it, especially in the past two years, and we all want to find a better way to deal with it than laying in the fetal position and crying (been there!).

That’s why we’re looking forward to chatting with entrepreneur and digital nomad, Kit Whelan, to talk about identifying signs of encroaching burnout, techniques for avoiding it, what to do if you’re already in it, and how creative practice, passion projects, and activism can lead to burnout just as surely as capitalism. Just because we love something doesn’t mean it can’t also wear us down! So join us for this frank conversation and we can work on creating better care for ourselves and our communities together.

Kit Whelan has been running remote businesses for over a decade as a digital nomad. Co-Creator of the Nomad + Spice podcast and Co-Founder of the 7in7 Digital Nomad Conference, she recently closed her 12-year-old consulting business to once again radically reinvent her life. This time with the goal of managing many projects while NOT courting burnout in the process.

January 13, 2021; 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm, EST

Continuing the Conversation on Equity, with Daniel Lim

ACCESS: If you would like to request live communication access real-time translation (CART) captioning or other accommodations for a webinar, please send your request, including the name and date of the webinar, to  We ask that accommodation requests be sent at least 3 business days before an event’s start time.

The work to challenge supremacy ideologies must be ongoing and a part of everything that we do. In support of small arts organizations and independent artists addressing equity in their practices, we are speaking with Daniel Lim this month about advancing a “regenerative and liberatory culture.” This will truly be a conversation, so bring your questions and be ready to participate!

Daniel Lim (he/him) is a queer social change maker of Chinese descent who was born in Burma and raised in an immigrant, working-class family in the unceded territory of the Canarsie-Lenape people in present day Brooklyn, New York. These identities and the respective positions of privilege and oppression that he occupies in his life shape his work as Founder and Principal of Daniel Lim Consulting, a social justice consulting, facilitation, and training firm that partners with organizations and communities to build regenerative and liberatory cultures. His practice is strongly rooted in the wisdom of living systems and teachings of Black- and indigenous-led liberation and sovereignty movements. Daniel’s biggest passion is to achieve collective liberation for all our relations and repair humanity’s relationship to the land and our more-than-human kin. He studied ecology, ecological design and community development at the University of Vermont (B.S. Natural Resources), and community-based planning, environmental justice, and disaster planning at Pratt Institute (M.S. City and Regional Planning). He is a McNair Scholar.

Past Conversation Topics Have Included:

Reaching Your Audience on Facebook with Dorene Wharton of Travel Life Media – who talked about the best ways to use language to maximize your impact on Facebook marketing.  

Talking Accessibility, with Rachel Lawson of Kinetic Light – where we discussed Kinetic Light’s philosophy around disability aesthetics, some basic starting points around accessibility, and tools and resources.

Researching the Right Grants for You, with Kaitlin Kitzrow of Unbound Philanthropy – where we gained insight on how to navigate through the noise so that you aren’t wasting your time on grants that aren’t right for you.

Standing Out with Artist-Centric Funders with Candace Feldman – where we discusses what it’s like to usher artists through a more hands-on process, selecting the work samples that best highlight your work, and other tidbits around building stronger relationships with funders.

Standing Out as an Indie Artist with Ana Fiore, Director, Grants & Services, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council – who joined us to talk about how indie artists can represent themselves more fully, from demonstrating their capacity through past experience to better planning and budgeting, and more.

Licensing Your Mission with Kathy Damkohler and Rainah Berlowitz of Education Through Music, where we talked about their journey into licensing, how they manage their relationship with affiliates, and things to consider if you are interested in heading down this path.

The Strange World of Grants Panels, with Rosalind Grush  – who joined us for a chat about the reality of grants panels, both from the perspective of someone who has sat on plenty of them, and as someone who has written many grants judged by panels. 

What Funders Want, with Conrhonda Baker – who shed some light on funding from the other side of the application process. We discussed basic, nonprofit-y things that funders look for and how you can prepare yourself for funder conversations.

A Year of Radical Change, with Randi Berry and the Indie Theater Fund – a year later, almost to the day, after COVID-19 changed our industry indelibly, Founder and Executive Director Randi Berry joins us to talk about this change, what she has learned, and her hopes for the future.

Making Finance Your Friend with Jeanine Hall – who talked about what arts organizations should be doing to make their financial presence easier – no matter how small the budget – while preparing for a more sustainable future in plain language and the minimum amount of pain.

Meet Your Host – Sarah Benvenuti!

Sarah Benvenuti | Benvenuti Arts

Sarah Benvenuti is Founder and Lead Consultant of Benvenuti Arts. Sarah brings her operational excellence and fundraising skills to the table with experience that includes Managing Director and Director of Development of The Civilians, Managing Director of Curious Theater Company, and, currently, Benvenuti Arts. Since 2014, Benvenuti Arts has served over 60 small and midsize arts nonprofits in areas of fundraising and management. She has a B.M. in Music from Mercyhurst University and an MA in Arts Management from Carnegie Mellon University, and has taught workshops and led panels on fundraising, real estate, and management in the arts.


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