Benvenuti Arts Membership


Benvenuti Arts built this membership program to provide high-quality, ongoing support services to small performing arts organizations. By paying a regular, monthly fee for a one-year period, you get access to a wealth of resources, consulting, grant writing, planning, and more.


Each level receives a curriculum of “Projects” which can be used for the level’s determined curriculum. These “Projects” range from grant writing/editing to consulting calls to fundraising & administrative planning, and more. The Membership Program Team will work with you to identify what you need most, and advise you throughout the year.

BA Membership might be right for you if…

  • You’re an individual artist or an arts organization with a budget under $150K.
  • You write grants yourself but are looking for help editing or writing the most difficult grants.
  • You need someone to help finding grant opportunities and create a grant plan for the year.
  • You’re looking for short-term support with fundraising campaigns.
  • You’re looking for occasional check-in calls with experts in the field.
  • You are comfortable with taking the lead with you/your organization’s grants management.
  • You’re a fiscally-sponsored project or a small arts non-profit organization.
  • You are comfortable with working with multiple Junior Grant Writers throughout the year.

ALL Membership and Retainer Clients Receive:

  • Bi-weekly Client Emails, with specific news and information curated for our client base;
  • Monthly Membership Email, along with monthly office hours with Membership Manager;
  • Free access to the BA Library: trainings, BA Conversation recordings, templates, and more;
  • Monthly practical one-page resource, like an outline for a thorough individual fundraising
    campaign, grants calendar template, and more;
  • Yearly kick-off strategy call with Manager of Membership Programming


Option 1:

$30/mo; $360/year

Bullet benefits above +
4 Projects/Year
(Value = $400)
*only for individual arts and small LLC

Option 2:

$90/mo; $1080/year

Bullet benefits above +
6 Projects/Year
(Value= $1,200)
*lowest tier 501(c)3s can join at

Option 3:

$150/mo; $1800/year

Bullet benefits above +
10 Projects/Year
(Value= $2,400)

Option 4:

$300/mo; $3600/year

Bullet benefits above +
18 Projects/Year + PLUS
Annual review meeting
(Value = $4,350)


Retainers begin at $500/month

Bullet benefits above +
1-3+ grants or fundraising projects monthly +
Monthly Check in Call

 We are currently on a Membership Freeze until Fall 2024! 

Do not hesitate to join our waiting list by filling out the form below,

we will contact you with expected waiting time and other details.

Thank you! 

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