Our Hands-On & Consulting Services

Hands-On & Consulting Services

At Benvenuti Arts, we have expertise in a wealth of arts administration services that we draw from to customize each consultancy to the specific needs and budget of your organization. We work with you to identify your goals and the best ways to help you reach them. While we focus on the specific areas below, we will partner with you to determine the exact scope and deliverables that best serve your needs.


Grant Writing and Management

Whether you just need an extra hand for that one big grant, or your organization is ready for an ongoing grants management solution, we’ve got you covered. Our grant writers have over 20 years experience and a high success rate. We’ll walk you through the process of finding the right grants for your organization all the way through submission, or we can just jump in and do a deep edit or quick language creation. We scale our rates depending on your needs, ensuring we can work with the smallest of groups.

Event Coordination

With over 15 years of events experience, Sarah Benvenuti has managed fundraisers and cultivation events raising up to $400,000. As with all of our services, we can scale our services from a one-time planning and advising meeting to full-scale coordination that includes an on-site team to manage your event day of. We coordinate organized, efficient events so that you can focus on working that room and celebrating!

Interim Management Services

Turnover is normal, but we know how stressful it can be. We can provide short-term support during these periods, maintaining your programs while you focus on a long-term solution. With experience in executive leadership, general management, grant writing, and events, we can help fill the gap during an Executive/Managing Director, General Manager, or Development Manager/Director transition.


Long- and Short-Term Planning

Do the words “Strategic Planning” make you itch? We get it! We work closely with partners to create practical, workable plans around fundraising or administration that they can actually use. We spend the time to understand your workflow so that our plans are actually usable, addressing your specific needs while considering your unique organizational structure and resources.

Fundraising and Administrative Support

Sometimes, the best plan can remain unused simply because we do not have the time to implement it! That’s why we provide scalable support services to help you implement our plans. Whether its just monthly guidance or man-hours to complete actual tasks, we stick by you to make sure we can help you achieve your goals.

Leadership Support

Whether you just need to vent to someone who has been in your seat, or you need to clone yourself for a day to work through some high-level tasks, we’re there for you. Even the smallest of companies and independent artists can have just a couple hours of our time to work through fundraising and administrative needs, while we can provide more robust support for those leaders who need someone working on their level. We love spending time with you and helping you work through solutions to your maze of administrative challenges!

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