We just crossed the halfway mark in 2022 – time flies! This is why you should start thinking about your organization’s end-of-year fiscal planning. Whether you just wrapped up FY21 last month, or if you’re ending your fiscal year this December, it’s never too early to get things in order! Here are some things to keep an eye out for every six months.

Halfway through your fiscal year, you should…
  • Update your funding platform accounts with your latest financial documentation, such as audits and 990s!
  • Keep your year-to-date actuals and new projections updated.
  • Make sure to check in with your budget about planning for the rest of the year!

After you wrap up your fiscal year, you should…
  • Clean up and close out your books, and contact your accountant ASAP prepare for the year’s 990.
  • Update any platforms that renew annually with your fiscal year. These might be government platforms, insurance, etc.
  • Make sure that you work with your Board to approve your FY23 budget!

End-of-year planning can be tricky and overwhelming, so it helps to be on top of things throughout the year! Learn more insider tips by attending our BA Conversations and liking our pages on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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