Thinking of pursuing the creation of a strategic plan? A colleague or board member may have suggested this as your next step in your organization’s journey. For organizations of all sizes and budgets, strategic planning can be just the thing that helps you bring your organization to the next level. But how do you know if you’re ready to take this next step?

As the name suggests, strategic planning gives you and your organization a long-term process to achieve the goals driving your mission to achieve your vision. Creating this plan gives your team the chance to reach consensus on what you want to achieve together, as well as understand what you need to get there. A strategic plan is an important step in cementing your organization’s goals as well as securing its sustainability.

There are many things to take into consideration when starting this process. Think about the resources and assets you have: your budget, your staff members, your volunteers, and so on. Do you have the time and resources to commit to building this strategic plan? A strategic plan is something you want your team to go all-in on, but they can be costly and require a great deal of time. It’s okay if it’s not the right time to pursue one, because being able to reach this conclusion on its own is valuable.

On April 13th, we’re hosting a BA Conversation with entrepreneur Pi-Isis S. Ankhra to talk about strategic planning, how you can approach it, and if you even should. Sign up for April’s BA Conversation… We hope to see you there!

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