Benvenuti Arts is seeking a Consultant to join our team!

Reporting to the Deputy Director, this position is expected to spend 70% of their time engaging with clients or managing work on behalf of clients. This is a Full Time Employee position opening in the Department of Clients Service.

Specific responsibilities will include:

  • Meeting directly with clients, providing guidance, advices, and strategy;
  • Managing services for dedicated clients, coordinating with other team members;
  • Research around fundraising prospects, strategies, and other administrative need the client might have;
  • Setting institutional fundraising strategy and overseeing grant writing while doing some writing when needed;
  • Creation of fundraising and administrative goals and plans;
  • Taking a lead role in editing and supporting the fundraising opportunities and documents out of our membership program;
  • Attending training, Department meetings, and meetings about the Membership Program;
  • Working closely to support other members of their department, as well as the CEO and other leadership team members;
  • Other needs as they arise.

At Benvenuti Arts, it’s important that our consultants approach each client relationship individually, finding solutions for them that fit their unique needs and situation. In working with small and mighty arts organizations, we seek to find creative opportunities that make the most of their limited time and resources. Therefore, our Consultant must be inquisitive, creative, flexible, and show great initiative in how they interact with and advise our clients.

Additionally, as a learning organization, we provide training and support for our Consultants, and expect them to help train and support our contracted grants writers. Eventually, the Consultant will be paired with a dedicated grant writer to assist in their work, but must be prepared to grant write themselves, too.


While we are open to a variety of different backgrounds, an ideal candidate would have:

  • 3 to 5 years experience working in an arts organization in some capacity;
  • 1 to 3 years experience coordinating or managing fundraising programs;
  • An ability to multitask and self-identify priorities;
  • A natural inclination to “self start”;
  • An ability to work independently, while still part of a team; and
  • A clear commitment to the values of Benvenuti Arts and a passion for small arts organizations across the world. 

This position is Full Time Employee status. Benvenuti Arts defines full time as 32 – 35 hours a week. We are a fully remote company, so Consultant must be prepared to manage their own schedule and coordinate with team members working in different time zones. Our staff at Benvenuti Arts, regardless of classification, are offered financial incentives as part of our company commitments to rest and to give back to their community. The Consultant position has been designated as a manager level position, and has been budgeted with a salary cap of $45,000. Other benefits include:

  • $150/month stipend for health insurance;
  • Annually $100 bonus when Employee takes 5 full days of vacation in a row, to encourage a culture of rest.
  • Annual $100 bonus for volunteering in their community;
  • Robust and flexible paid holiday and vacation time, totaling approximately 28 days off annually in addition to office holidays.


To apply, please send a cover letter and resume in an email to Executive Assistant, Paengsuda Panyatham, at with the subject line “Full Time Consultant Application.” Benvenuti Arts will accept applications until Friday, April 14, 2023. Interviews will take place between Monday, April 10, 2023 and Friday, April 28, 2023. We anticipate a two-interview process. Anyone interviewed but not hired will be paid $25/interview for their time. 

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Accessibility and Liberation: Benvenuti Arts publicly expresses and demonstrates the values of personal liberty, restorative liberation, individual identity, radical liberation, and unshackled opportunity.  To be explicitly clear, we stand with the marginalized and systematically persecuted from across the globe. We know that all human beings warrant love, should never have to fear not having their basic needs met, and deserve access to an opportunity at life that is not influenced by systemic oppresion

Business Transparency:  Benvenuti Arts is a woman-owned business. The majority of staff live on the USA’s East Coast. All staff are provided equitable salaries based upon their responsibilities. Per the 2023 Budget, the hourly pay difference between each level of management is only $5.89. The staff as a whole 54% identify as white and 58% identify as cisgender women. There are no significant salary discrepancies amongst data associated with gender, sex, race, orientation or nationality. All company interns and meeting assistants are paid a rate based on the state with the highest minimum wage: currently $15.50/hour in California. 








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